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Testosterone is a major player in the complex mielu of hormones (cellular messengers) that direct our bodies to function. In men who are over the age of 40, there is a significant drop in this level of this hormone. Until recently it was considered taboo to replace this important hormone. But today forward thinking anti-aging specialists realize what scientific studies over the past decade have taught us.

As widely known, testosterone is a male sex hormone. By definition, it is a steroid hormone secreted by the testes of males and ovaries of females. If you think you read it wrong, I tell you, you did not because testosterone is also present in women’s body.

Primarily, testosterone is responsible for growth and development of male sex and reproductive organs. It also activates the development of male secondary characteristics. Examples of this are hair patterns, thickening of vocal chords and bone and muscle development.

Testosterone is the hormone that is primarily responsible for the development of the male sexual and reproductive organs. It also has a significant role to play regarding the secondary male sex development of muscle mass, hair, voice, libido and fertility.

As males go through the aging process, levels of testosterone will vary. It increases dramatically as we approach and go through puberty and decreases as we progress into our older years. In fact this decrease begins to occur in most men from the age of 30 onwards.

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a subject under some scrutiny at this moment in time. It is known that if TRT is administered to a man with an existing prostate cancer condition, the treatment will cause the cancer to grow more aggressively. However, there is no proof that TRT actually causes Prostate cancer.

But many men remember the revelations regarding HRT (hormone replacement therapy) administered to women going through the menopause, has been linked to causing cancer, and this memory is closely associated in their minds with male TRT.

It is therefore not surprising that many men are now becoming wary of HRT, and doctors have been warned to be careful about recommending this course of treatment, especially as an anti-aging medication.

There are a variety of natural supplemental products available on the markets that purport to have little or no known side effects. All of these natural remedies are either available without prescription as OTC (over the counter) supplements at health stores and drug stores, or by ordering online.

In all cases, whether it is “full blown” TRT, or natural supplemental products that are being administered, both routes are known to have additional side benefits. These benefits include: enhanced libido, increased energy, stronger, firmer erections, and increased self-confidence and self esteem.

The bottom line with testosterone is that it is a very important hormone, and any deficiency should taken seriously. With the jury still out as far as TRT is concerned, it is preferable to try natural alternatives first.

There are a hundreds of natural supplements available on the market today although sad to say that the many of them are ineffective. The hardest thing is to fight your way through the maze and try to find those that really do work.

One way of helping to sort the good from the bad is to go online and track down some good independent analytical websites that offer free unbiased reports and opinions. Also, bear in mind that it is often better to find several products that work and to take them on a rotational type basis in order to avoid building up a tolerance to them.

Andropause is referred to as male menopause. It is an age-related change in the male reproductive system, which usually occurs gradually. It is known to affect men who reach the age of 30s, having the symptoms similar to menopause such as weight gain, night sweats, sleeping disorders, and mood swings. Other symptoms men may also experience include decreased mental alertness, sexual activity, energy level, and muscle tone due to gradual decline of testosterone.

Testosterone is a vital hormone in men that plays an important role in the development of the normal male and in the maintenance of several male characteristics.It keeps up bone thickness, fat conveyance, muscle quality and mass, red platelet creation, sex drive, and sperm generation.

The effects of andropause are natural biological events and your physician may tell you to accept them as just a standard part of aging. Although it is normal, it can affect your life, relationship, and your work performance. Aging process is impossible to avoid but the effects of testosterone deficiency can be reversed by hormone replacement therapy.

Hormone replacement therapy for men or testosterone replacement therapy can provide benefits to men of all ages. It is used for men who have low testosterone to maintain normal testosterone levels. It has been shown remarkable results in overall improvement of functionality and well-being.

Options for hormone replacement therapy are available in different forms. These are intramuscular injections, testosterone patches, and testosterone gels. Infusions are by and large done each a few weeks. Patches are worn on the body or on the scrotum and can be utilized day by day. Gels are connected day by day to the shoulders and upper arms or stomach area.

Increasing testosterone levels back to normal provides several benefits which includes increase in energy and endurance, mental clarity and alertness, libido, and lean mass, improvement in erectile dysfunction, cardiovascular health, sleep, and skin and hair quality, decreased fat, risk against osteoporosis, and depression and irritability. Other benefits include better sense of well-being and maintaining bone density. It is also found that hormone replacement therapy can help older men who are low in testosterone reduce their risks of heart disease, diabetes, and death.

Aging is a critical period of physiological changes, and these changes can affect you and those who are around you. Although these are only normal, they are still treatable with hormone replacement therapy, so you can regain your youth and making it possible for you to enjoy life to the fullest.










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