Albeit commonly associated with unethical and (sometimes) illegal activities by sports persons, the human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally-synthesized hormone produced in the pituitary gland under stimulation from the hypothalamus. It is a key component of human organism and is at the center of several metabolic processes particularly those associated with physical growth.

Human Growth Hormone Deficiency

Besides the numerous scandals in the sporting world involving Human Growth Hormone right at the center of them, actual of deficiencies of the hormone do happen in the body and legal medical supplementations prescribed. For instance, deficiencies of Human Growth Hormone in children can cause retarded growth apropos height and weight and could sometimes make the kids look younger than their age.

In adults, HGH deficiency is an actual problem but its symptoms are less prevalent among middle-aged individuals. The pensioners and basically anyone above the age of fifty are at a higher risk of showing signs, with feebleness being arguably the most apparent symptom. This is because it is the human growth hormone that controls calcium density and indeed bone density. Lower-than-normal HGH in the body makes the bones more brittle and likely to break.

Other health problems caused by HGH deficiencies include osteoproposis – a disease common in older women – obesity, some forms of diabetes and heart problems ( the latter can be caused by both a deficiency and an excess of the hormone).

Most of the mentioned conditions can be reversed with prescribed HGH injections. Prescribed because of the nature of the supplements in question. Medical HGH contains the purest extract of the hormone and it is important that heavy doses are given under the supervision of a doctor to avoid overdoses and the unsolicited secondary effects.

Advantages of HGH Injections

Among the most discernible changes in your body that can come along with HGH injections is muscle gain or muscle restoration. Your skin rejuvenates faster and becomes more elastic and supple as well.

In some cases, individuals may regain energy in fairly vast rates thanks to the higher metabolism that comes with HGH supplementation. Studies have shown that most users report getting less tired and are able to bounce back faster after intense sessions of exercise or work. Perhaps that explains why sportspersons just can’t resist breaking the law.

Less common benefits include an enhanced immune response to illnesses while completely keeping at bay such light infections as flues and common cold. It can also reduce the time you take to recover from illnesses.

Are HGH Supplements Completely Natural?

In the past the human growth hormone could only be extracted from cadavers. Now it can be made in the laboratory and is available in plenty.

You still have the option to choose between synthetic Human Growth Hormone or natural Human Growth Hormone as the hormone is still being harvested from cadavers. You should however keep in mind that researchers haven’t been able to find any secondary effect exclusive to synthetic human growth hormone. People prefer the natural option just to stay on the safe side. It is slightly more expensive.

If you are suffering from a deficiency-triggered illness, you are advised to see your doctor for diagnosis and prescription. For any other reason you can purchase oral supplements over the counter and on the internet.









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