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Going through the damage of human growth hormone deficiency may not be your fault but watching yourself suffer is. If you have already been diagnosed with HGH deficiency, it is advisable that you start treatment early before your condition gets worse or even irreversible.

There are many doctors out there who claim to have the knowhow and experience to take you through safe HGH supplementation. It’s your health on the line however, and you don’t want to mess up an already risky situation with a misguided decision.

So, How Do I Find a Reputable Human Growth Hormone Clinic?

If you know the first thing about the human growth hormone and have a good knowledge of the severity of your condition, whichever it is, you may opt for freelancing doctors or over the counter supplementations, which are plausibly a bargain and easier to get. But if you have been diagnosed with a HGH-deficiency-induced illness and cannot go the OTC way because you’re utterly green, finding that clinic that will start with you from the scratch might prove challenging.

Here is what you should do.

Firstly, it’s worthwhile noting that diagnosis for human growth hormone deficiency can only be done through a blood test. It’s the first step.

If you are planning to commence medication as soon as then, whoever did the diagnosis may have connections to reputable clinics out there and may help you find one.

If not, find a Hormone Replacement Therapist (HRT). HRT specialists have advanced knowledge in this field of study and have the experience to take you through proper dosage and treatment. You can find one online or in the HRT department in a state or private hospital near you.

If you go the online way, you should beware of cons and fake doctors and therapists. Just for the record, National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP) found only 3 percent of the 105,000 websites selling drugs online doing it legally. Legally in this case means those that are actually selling with a prescription.

The only best way the internet can help you is to find an advertised clinic which you can then visit in person. Any doctor with a physical clinic somewhere is most likely a legit one and can be relied on. You can also ask for proof of accreditation and some of their previous works if you find it necessary.

Some clinical advisors actually conduct consultation over the phone and provide clear health instructions and questionnaires on their websites though they still have physical offices. You can judge them by popularity and ratings and decide whether you’re going to give them a try.

If you can find a couple of them so you can pick and choose on basis of cost, location, reliability etc. it would be great. Avoid relying on a single aspect only (cost, for instance) as you could easily find yourself in the hands of a con or amateur doctor.


Finding what you can call a reputable clinic or doctor in the 21st century, is something far from child’s play, we have to admit. The internet has opened doors for everyone and now even real doctors cannot be seen anymore. You have to look for them in the third and fourth pages of Google.

Be patient and extra cautious as you look to recover your health.





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